Every comfort you can imagine, and then some more to live a truly privileged life.

Resort Style Clubhouse

Wine and dine your guests at multi-cuisine restaurants, put them up at one of the well-appointed rooms, or treat yourself to a rejuvenating Spa session.

Bamboo Bay

Bamboo is the flexible spine that binds this property – entrancing you with thoughtful alcoves to rest in and the sweeping curves of a mandapa unlike any other.

Central Park

Central Park, the heart of the project, greets you with its green expanse with enough room for your kids and you to enjoy plentiful time outdoors.

Event Lawn with Pool

Inviting lawns and a picture perfect backdrop of Nandi Hills makes this a perfect setting for destination weddings, conferences and private parties with a large pool to add to its charm.

Activity Zone

Live the dream, with access to outdoor courts & sports facilities ranging from cricket, football, basketball and tennis.

Bicycle Track

Ride free with dedicated cycling tracks with no untoward honking and chaotic traffic to bother you.

Walking Trails

Your love for nature and a daily exercise ritual come together seamlessly with the winding jogging and walking trails around the property.

Indoor Games Area

Indulge in an array of stimulating games to unwind after a hectic work day at this dedicated arena for indoor games.

Buggy Path

Enjoy buggy rides along the slopes and turns of nature.

Hilltop Park

The Hilltop Park offers sweeping views of the Nandi Hills valley, a spiritual space to practice yoga at the crack of dawn or to stargaze wondrously.

Valley Park

An abundantly lush space, featuring rare and native species of flora, unique to the Nandi Hills valley.

Tree Park

Stroll amidst the trees and relax on wooden benches placed for your comfort.

West Gardens

A verdant, planned garden space to fill your lungs with purity and treat your senses, replete with quaint trails to stroll through.

Boulder Park

3-billion-year-old boulders provide natural rock features that dot the outer edges of the property; thoughtfully accentuated for kids to marvel at.