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Situated in North Bangalore - a fast growing epicentre with its airport and SEZs. A short drive from the scenic Nandi Hills and the acclaimed Prestige Golfshire Golf Course. The Estates checks all the points, naturally.

Far Away In the Hills

The Estates enjoys the unique advantage of being nestled at the foothills of Nandi Hills. So you can trek up to the temple, taste the misty clouds and be back home for a hearty lunch. All in a day. ///////////

Wine Country

An hour's drive from some de-stressing therapy with a glass of wine in hand and happy faces all around. Enjoy a trip down to a vineyard when you please, with a home nestled in wine country. ///////////

Not That Far Away From Development

Tee Time. Always

Dust off your golf kit as you tee off in one of South India’s most prestigious golf course, Prestige Golfshire. Just a 15 minute drive away. ////////////////////////////////////////////////

Jet-Set to Nature

With The Estates just half an hour drive away from the Bengaluru International Airport, it is easy to just fly in, relax at the The Estates and leave rejuvenated! Enjoy connectivity and seclusion like you have never experienced before. ///////////