Live with Nature

Own a piece of this untouched land and we will help you build a handcrafted home for the times you need it. Or pick from our choice of fruit trees and form an orchard. Enjoy a lifestyle of luxurious amenities as part of your villa’s surroundings, and if that is not enough, take a walk to the proposed resort and indulge in many more comforts such as a spa treatment, multi cuisine restaurants, private plunge pools or even a banquet hall facilities. ///////////

HandKrafted Villa

Indulge in Balinese style villas handcrafted just for you. Unique in style and crafted for the individual tastes of our discerning buyers, these handcrafted villas come surrounded by untouched nature. Choose from one of our distinct villa styles. Custom built to suit you. ///////// //////////////////


A perfect villa is not complete without an orchard and we do not compromise with anything less perfect. Enjoy your very own orchard plot where you can choose your favourite fruit tree. We plant it, maintain it, so that one fine day, you and your children can enjoy your very own Estates-grown harvest. //////////