Your Estate.
Your Story.

Most people buy land as an investment, but at The Estates your plot is more than that. It is the place where you make memories, enjoy nature, rejuvenate and make a home, while gaining appreciation on your property over time. Set on a lush and scenic 35 acre land parcel, offering unparalleled views of Nandi Hills and its valley, you can count your blessings to call this home. //////////////////////////////

Your Handkrafted Villa

Design your living space your way with our Kraftworks team that builds it for you cost to cost with 10% service charge.

The Location Story

Situated in North Bangalore - a fast growing epicentre with its airport and SEZs. A short drive from the scenic Nandi Hills and the acclaimed Prestige Golfshire Golf Course. The Estates checks all the points, naturally.

Your Weekend Getaway

A carefree weekend getaway that offers all the amenities of a fully functioning resort nearby.

Your Orchard

Harvest the organic fruit from your own homegrown orchard.

The Abode of Happiness

Amidst the verdant Nandi Hills, where free spirited birds roam free, a preserved land of lush greens, guarded by the ancient Oak trees, brooks bubbling with history, your home is all that and more.

The Sun Worshipper

Giant boulders guard the property at its East. A wooden Yoga deck next to a fully fitted spa is ideal for a Surya-Namaskar that catches the first rays of the sun. ////////////////

The Welcome Dance

Get welcomed to your home with the flamboyant peacock prancing through your garden at the first scent of rain. The Whistling Thrush, the Yellow Throated Bulbul add their chirp to an orchestra that's been playing since inception of time. ///////

The Guardian
of Peace

The Rudraksh tree welcomes you to this sustainable abode, the graceful Eucalyptus trees helm the land in their protective embrace as they purify the air for you to breathe, creating pockets of shade for you to rest under. ////////

The Buggy Trails

Step into your own chariot that takes you along a wild-grass bordered path through this idyllic property. Rest in bamboo covered alcoves that border the path at inviting intervals. ///////////

The Cheerful Creek

It gurgles and chortles past your home coming to a peaceful rest in a lily pad abundant pond hemmed in by trees that stand silently in watch. The Baya-weaver bird weaves its nest at peace as do you. ////////////////

Soulful Wanderings

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

This is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka dating back to the ninth century. The temple hewn out of rock with its beautiful stone Nandi statue is truly a destination in itself. ///////